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Various Course Information

Baking  Courses

Would you like to update your skills in baking/cooking or just love cooking for pleasure.

We hold courses on a Tuesday evening from 6.30-8.30 at Blackwood Community College near Caerphilly.

This course is suitable for all abilities.

You bring the ingredients and go home every week with a new dish and learning new techniques along the way.

HABC Level 2 Food Safety Courses


The above Level 2 Food Safety Course is a requirement by law for anyone preparing, storing or serving food. 

This course is delivered over six hours with an exam at the end of the final session.  

Topics Include:- 

Food Safety Hazards
Temperature Control
Refrigeration, Chilling and Cold Holding
Cooking, Hot Holding and Reheating
Food Handling (Cross Contamination)
Principles of Safe Storage
Food Premises and Equipment.


This course is delivered frequently throughout the year.   

This course can be tailored to your requirements, I can deliver this course at a venue of your choice (minimum candidates 8)

Cake Decorating Courses

Cake decorating courses are varied and can take place over 1 day to  5 weeks.

This can include beginner cake decorating, cupcakes courses and modelling.

Sugar Flowers

The courses again can take place over 1 day to 5 weeks.

You can learn the skill of making modelled roses or various wired sugar flower techniques.

Brush Embroidery

Brush embroidery is a skill in itself. It is creating a picture out of icing on a sugar plaque.

It involves skills and creativity.

Suitable for all abilities